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No Insurance?

Dr. Goodell understands the challenges of keeping a family healthy while still being able to put food on the table.  So he created an In House Dental Plan that offers financial assistance to those without dental insurance. 

          An annual savings of 35% for the following preventative services:

                    2 Routine Dental Cleanings

                    2 Exams

                    1 set of Annual X-rays

                    1 Adult Oral Cancer Screening

                    2 Child Fluoride Treatments              

         Also includes a 10% savings on all other dental services.

Interesting News:
Some patients have found that our plan offers better benefits than their dental insurance policy.   After comparing the costs of our in house dental plan to their dental premiums some have found our plan to be more cost effective. Some have discontinuted their coverage and invested their dental dollars directly towards their dental care instead of going through a third party administered plan!

Take a look at your current plan.  How does it compare?


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